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Surfaces can be treated quickly and easily with the  siasponge block. This handy sanding block is ready to use at any time and achieves excellent results on wood, plastics, paints, lacquers and also on composites due to its high edge stability.

Be it curves, shapes or contours – an even and perfect sanding pattern can be achieved with 7983 siasponge flex. The extra-soft foam of siasponge flex ensures maximum conformability.

• Color coded for easy identification
• No risk of sanding through thanks to pressure-equalizing foam
• Highly adaptable to contours, curves and profiles
• Low clogging
• Can be used many times
• Consistent performance throughout the life of the product
• May be used wet or dry

Flexible and versatile

As an all-round series for wet and dry sanding, 1948 siaflex produces outstanding results in all available grits and in a variety of wood applications.


  • Minimal clogging thanks to open coating in 220 - 600 grit range

  • Versatile all-round product with an attractive range of options

  • High performance for stock removal with good finish

  • Highly flexible and adaptable to contours

  • Long lifetime

  • Suitable for general use in dry and wet sanding applications

Sia sandpaper, sanding disc. Sia foam sanding pad 1948
Sia 1919 sanding belts
Sia 1919 sanding belts custom sizes


As a universal all-round product, with its outstanding properties in wood and lacquer applications meets the highest demands of the woodworking industry and trade.


  • Premium product for the highest quality demands in stationary wood sanding

  • Minimal clogging thanks to modern coating technology

  • Outstanding performance and long life

  • Very high stock removal rates and excellent finish

  • Backing with very high stability and rigidity

  • Lower grinding costs due to longer lifetime

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