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PPG Paint is a complete and comprehensive program of specially-formulated coatings for every application --- residential, architectural, commercial, and industrial. That means you'll find PPG Paint products on the job in nearly every market segment --schools, universities, office buildings, homes, hotels, stadiums, and convention centers, to name but a few.


Limitless PPG 1091-3

A fresh, warm hue, Limitless contains both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral. It is strong enough to stand as the leading color of many products, yet works equally well as a supporting tone to both warm and cool shades.


As its name insinuates, this color offers consumers limitless ways to use it due to its fresh and energizing take on a neutral. It can serve as a full body color, but also works equally well as an accent to both warm and cool tones.


Limitless brings a reassuringly calm, yet refreshing energy to our 2024 trend palettes. Combine with repeating rounds or arches, smooth finishes, and ambient lighting to create a sense of minimalism in commercial settings. 


Manor Hall paint and Primer in one. Zero VOC wall paint

Manor Hall Interior Paint & Primer in One is a Zero VOC* super premium latex that was developed to resist household stains through the combination of resin and proprietary formulation.  The 100% acrylic latex has outstanding adhesion and coverage and offers a burnish and mildew-resistant coating, providing durability for use in high humidity and high traffic areas.  Outstanding hiding is aided by excellent flow and leveling which provides a rich, smooth film for a beautiful finish.  Now available as a Zero VOC* product!


  • Delivers Exceptional Durability & Hide

  • Zero VOC* 100% Acrylic Latex Paint & Primer in One

  • Outstanding Washability & Scrubbability

  • Advanced Leveling for a Smooth Finish


Premium low odor paint and primer in one 0 VOC wall paint

Our premium low-odor, zero-VOC* (volatile organic compounds) latex base paint is designed to meet the performance requirements of the institutional, commercial and residential markets. PURE PERFORMANCE® Paint & Primer in One Interior Latex is formulated to provide excellent hiding and application properties in addition to low odor, zero VOC's*, and anti-microbial properties - a mold/mildew resisting compound has been incorporated in this paint to make the dry paint film mildew resistant. Ideal for use in occupied areas such as hotel/motel resort properties, nursing homes, homes, schools, government facilities, retail space, office buildings, hospitals, and apartments.


  • Zero VOC* & Low Odor

  • Provides a Mold & Mildew Resistant Coating

  • Paint & Primer in One

  • High Hiding


Professional or Contaractor grade paint

SPEEDHIDE® Interior Latex is our best professional interior latex formulated to meet the performance requirements of professional applicators. SPEEDHIDE® Interior Enamel Latex is designed as a high hiding product when applied by brush, roller, or spray. This low-VOC, low-odor paint enables a space to be painted while occupied, delivering the durable product performance required. It dries to a uniform finish to help hide tape joints and surface imperfections. SPEEDHIDE® Interior Latex is recommended for all interior walls, ceilings, and trim where a uniform finish is desirable.


  • Excellent Hiding Power and Coverage

  • Good Color and Sheen Uniformity

  • Good Film Build and Sag Resistance

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